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The Ella Sisters im Interview: »We wanted to make a hymn about empowerment.«

The Ella Sisters sind die Zwillinge Charlotte und Maren aus Norwegen, die mit ihrer ersten EP Queens frischen weiblichen Wind in die Pop-Szene bringen. Mit jeder Menge Energie und wichtigen Themen macht das Zwillings-Duo auf sich aufmerksam und macht klar: Wenn auch noch klein und unbekannt, sind sie jetzt hier, um zu bleiben. Anna hat sie in einem kleinem Mail-Interview zur EP befragt und wie es ist mit seiner Zwillingsschwester Musik zu machen – nämlich genauso cool, wie man denkt. Gebt den zwei Norwegerinnen eine Chance, um sie in euer Pop-Herz zu schließen (wir alle wissen, dass wir eins haben, auch unter all der Indie-Love).


Anna: Hey you two! You’ve released your very first EP last Friday, how crazy does that feel like?

Charlotte: It feels surreal. It is so exciting to share it after working on it for such a long time! Especially when it is an EP, we get the chance to show a bit more of who we are.

Anna: But first a few things about you: You’re twin sisters from Norway, how did you get into making pop music? Did you know when growing up you wanna end up making music together?

Maren: We have always had a big passion for music. We´ve been writing songs since we were 12, and have written together since we were 15. We have listened to a lot of different types of artists, and we love a good chorus that gets stuck in your head.

Charlotte: Growing up we knew we wanted to work with music. The whole process of writing songs, recording them, releasing them and playing live shows for audiences, has always been a dream. For us it is important to be authentic and honest with the listeners, because that is something we have always appreciated when listening to music ourselves.

Anna: What would you say are the perks of working together with your twin?

Maren: It is incredible to have someone who is on the same journey as you are, and who understands you and respect you. We have always had such good chemistry, and we are best friends. When working together we see it as “us against the problem”, you know? When things get challenging, that is when it is most important to work with someone who gets you. We are so lucky.

Anna: There are two new songs that are released with the EP: What can you tell us about them?

Charlotte: That is correct. We have released Cars and Miss The Most as singles, and the new songs are the EP title track, Queens, and the last one is Don’t Worry About Us. Queens is actually the song that made us want to start writing pop music. We have written more acoustic pop and roots music earlier on, but that song needed another type of production. It has been in the works the past four years, because we knew that we had to work on an entire sonic landscape to get it where we wanted that song to be. We wanted to make a hymn about empowerment. Don’t Worry About Us is a song about the young generation and how we sometimes can feel lost. It is about mental health, and just the feeling of being human.

Anna: The EP is called Queens. Simple as that. What is the message you hope to get across with this EP? What were the things most important to you when writing and producing it?

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Maren: We hope the listeners feel empowered. That would be a dream. Our main goal when working on the EP was to be honest about our experiences as humans. We are part of a young generation trying to figure out life with all its ups and downs. The songs have variation in both lyrics and production, but it still gives a picture of how we sound as The Ella Sisters.

Anna: Since you’re still a very small band I feel like it’s even more important to point out how good this EP is. Is there a song that feels even more special to you than the others? Or one you had the most fun writing?

Charlotte: That is such kind words, thank you! Queens feels very special to us. It is a song that we want to share because we think it is an important message. Don’t Worry About Us was a fun song to write, because we played with sarcasm in that song. When recording it, we all just knew where we were going with it, and that is an amazing feeling.

Anna: We have this tradition of using the last question as a blank space. So this is your very own space to say anything you want, tell people to go check you out or other great Nordic artists we aren’t aware of or literally anything else you want to get off your chest before this interview is over.

Maren: First, we want to say thank you for such nice questions. We love to talk about the process and everything! For the readers: make sure to check out our EP, Queens, out Aug. 28th.

Both: Second, we want to remind the beautiful humans reading this, how important it is to lift each other up and support each other. We are all trying to figure out life, so let us take care of each other, see each other, and listen to each other.

All the love, The Ella Sisters

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