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Millie Turner im Interview: »The messages of hope became more relevant than ever.«

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Heute möchten wir euch ein kleines Pop-Wunder aus England vorstellen. Millie Turner hat erst letzte Woche ihr neues Mini-Album “Eye of the Storm” veröffentlicht und es passt perfekt in all die Frühlingsgefühle, die wir seit ein paar Wochen schon hegen. Millie versorgt uns mit dem Soundtrack zu jeglichen Sommernachts-Fantasien, und überzeugt mit voller Frauenpower. Über letzteres haben wir uns unter Anderem auch unterhalten, aber das lest ihr hier:

Millie Turner im Interview

Anna: Hey Millie, really nice to get the chance to talk to you! How are you, a few days before releasing your new mini-album “Eye of the Storm”?

Millie: I’m so inspired! I feel so very naked and vulnerable but still able to turn that into something powerful is very strange and empowering.

Anna: How would you describe your own music to people who haven’t heard of you before?

Millie: I’d like to say it’s transporting pop, that makes you want to dance. 

Anna: You started releasing music in 2018 and since then have only been growing as an artist. Can you name a moment where you realised “this is what I want to do”?

Millie: I experience that from purely any moment when you have a creative idea that connects. Witnessing that whether it’s in my room or on stage fuels me so much.

Anna: Were there special moments during the process of Eye of the Storm that still stick with you?

Millie: Making a lot of these songs was a really emotional and exciting process! I was in Australia while writing some of them and that was a really challenging and intense creative period that will always stay with me. It was so rewarding after when we realised what joy we’d created. 

“I’ve found it a really transformative year.”

Anna: Hopefully some day we get over that question, but I have to ask – how did the pandemic last year (and still now) influence these songs? And how did you deal with the lockdown in Britain?

Millie: I think these songs became more urgent. The messages of hope became more relevant than ever and I instantly knew this is what I/we all need! Fresh sounds to our ears to cure such a journey of a year! 

I’ve found it a really transformative year to be honest. I think spending time with yourself can sometimes be really confronting in a challenging and productive time. 

Anna: Still, Eye of the Storm is full of positive vibes and I really like that. Even when it gets a bit darker, there’s always a good vibe to it. What are the main messages behind that mini-album?

Millie: I think it’s just a dip into my brain, so there are many layers. And like anything, it’s dark and twisted and emotional at most points, but there’s always a moment that uplifts and inspires you. Altogether it’s just a note of hope that I hope people can relate to in a real way! 

Anna: I also can’t help but feel like a mini-album also stands a teaser for your debut album in the work… Can you deny or confirm that?

Millie: I definitely can confirm that this is the start of a bigger picture to come! 

“To be heard as a woman is incredibly empowering!”

Anna: What I also feel like lately that there is a stronger bond between women in music and the empowerment we make each other feel than maybe ever before. Also considering you’re still comparably young, how do you experience that? And who are the women you would see as role models?

Millie: Yes, music is a voice! And to be heard as a woman, who isn’t always heard, it’s incredibly empowering! I love that, and that’s why I love listening to other female artists because you can hear it in their own voice. The joy and sadness of voicing what is important to you as a woman is very moving. There are so many women who I look up to but at the moment I’m super inspired by some younger upcoming artists like Hannah Cohen, Dora Jar, and Jessica Pratt! 

Millie Turner, Untoldency, Untoldency Magazine, Indie, Musik, Blog, Blogger, Online Indie Musik Magazin, milliturner, eye of the stormAnna: Last year, you supported Tove Lo on tour – I bet that was an incredible experience. What do you miss most about that time? And who is on your “bucket list” of acts you would love to play live with one day?

Millie: I do miss that time. I miss my band and I miss the stage and the buzz and the car. I also miss the waiting around for ages, and the free ginger and honey tea! Those were the days. I’m so excited to play more in the future but I’m also preparing myself for how surreal and overwhelming it might be to be in your private space to exposing yourself to the world. I really wish to play for Lizzo, or Remi Wolf, or Jgerry would be amazing. 

Anna: Last but not least we ask about an untold story of yours – something you haven’t shared in an interview before.

Millie: I wrote the song she was a dancer while I was really bored at a wedding service! And most my voice memos for song ideas are recorded on the toilet. That’s my thinking shrine! 


Für die frische Prise female Power-Pop hört hier in die die Eye of the Storm-EP rein:


Fotocredit: Amir Hossain

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